About Emerald Archery Club

Emerald Archery Club is a registered Get Started Club, click on the Get Started Logo above for all the details and to apply for your voucher to help you

Get Started with Archery.


Emerald Archery Club would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution made through the Get Playing Grants to our club that has allowed us to build our ablution block and purchase equipment to enable everyone to Get Started with Archery.   


Emerald Archery Club is a Family Friendly Field Archery Club that promotes safe and fun experiences for all ages and walks of life. Emerald Archery Club operates under the By-laws and Rules of Shoot of the ABA Inc.


Our Field Archery Range is located on the Fairbairn Dam Access Road, Emerald in Central Queensland and services all of the Central Highlands, we meet most weekends alternating Saturday & Sunday mornings for our Field Archery rounds and in the afternoons we offer open practice or training. 


Please contact us to find out about our next club activity or for information on Archery or Club Membership.


We cater for beginners of all ages and have a Field Archery Australia qualified coach to assist with instruction or information.


Get ready for an Action Packed Archery Year.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be an ABA Member to visit?
No, you can visit us three times as a visitor, after that you can become a probationary member. You do need to join ABA within three months of becoming a Club Member.

I don't have a bow and I don't know how to shoot?
No problems, we really enjoy teaching new comers. Infact we run Come and Try sessions where we will supply the equipment you need and will show you how to do it. Click Here for more information.



What do I bring?
Covered shoes suitible for walking in bushland, a hat and sunscreen are a must. Bring some lunch, we do have drinks available. Remember to wear some visible clothing.



Can I bring my dog?
While we all enjoy spending time with our pets, Archery is a shooting sport and as such the safest place for our animals is at home, please don't bring your pets to the range.



Can I Bring a Crossbow?

In Queensland, Crossbows fall under Weapon Licencing. As our range is a sporting facility and not a Gun Range we are not able to allow Crossbows on our ranges.



Is Smoking permitted?

Smoking is permitted in the Designated Smoking Area (DSA).

We do not allow smoking at any time on the shooting line

and it is a condition that all litter be disposed of

in the correct manner. 




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